Local Government NSW (LGNSW) provides a range of specialist human resources and management solutions to member councils throughout NSW.

Management Solutions


Mark Anderson, Manager  

Phone: 02 9242 4161 
[email protected]

Christian Morris, Senior Consultant 

Phone: 02 9242 4160 
[email protected]

Peter Evans, Senior Consultant

Phone: 02 9242 4051
[email protected]

Whether it’s recruitment, performance reviews, benchmarking, organisational reviews, workplace analytics or outplacement services, our specialist Management Solutions team can tailor the right human resource and employment services to suit your specific needs and circumstances.

Our team has an extensive background in local government with a proven track record of delivering results which have enhanced councils organisational cultures and service delivery. 

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Executive & Specialist Recruitment

Learn about Management Solutions' executive level recruitment services, including locum placements across NSW.

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Performance Reviews

Discover how Management Solutions can facilitate performance reviews of general managers and executive level staff.

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Facilitated Management Services

Gain valuable insights into your organisation with Management Solutions' review programs and staff engagement surveys.

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Workplace Analytics

We provide comprehensive workplace analytics services to help monitor and improve organisational performance.

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Outplacement Services

LGNSW's Management Solutions' career transition services can support staff whose roles have been made redundant. 

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LGNSW's Management Solutions can provide a Locum or specialist to undertake a short-term project.

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