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Human Resources Coordinator
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Facilitated Management Services

LGNSW's Management Solutions team offers a range of facilitated management services to help councils review their current structures and improve performance across the organisation.

Facilitated service review program

The facilitated service review program offers independent support and guidance to councils looking to improve organisational efficiency and responsiveness to community needs.

Not only does the program offer independent oversight of current service offerings and provide unbiased recommendations, but it also helps build internal capacity by equipping staff with the skills and knowledge to implement service improvement strategies.

A collaborative effort between council staff and a Management Solutions' facilitator, a typical review process involves:

  • Establishing a review team to oversee review processes and decision-making
  • Developing review approaches and methodologies
  • Determining review targets, stages and an overall timetable
  • Benchmarking
  • Briefings, education and feedback sessions with communities, councillors and staff
  • Identification and selection of preferred option(s) for service improvements
  • Developing performance measures to monitor service improvements.


Staff engagement surveys

Management Solutions' staff engagement surveys provide key insights into the overall health of your organisation.

Completely confidential and independently managed, the surveys help improve engagement by offering staff an opportunity to contribute valuable feedback.

Answers typically reveal how staff members feel about their work and their role within the organisation, and often identify problem areas and suggestions for improvement.

The report also becomes a useful benchmark for tracking organisational health over a period of time.

Staff engagement surveys are usually conducted as part of our Organisational Review process, however, they can also be offered as a standalone service.


IP&R Review and Revision

Management Solutions' Integrated Planning and Reporting (IP&R) review and revision program is designed to assist member councils in meeting their IP&R commitments.

Offering independent guidance and facilitation, the program:

  • Builds in-house skills and capabilities to manage future IP&R activity
  • Provides in-house training and oversight for community engagement activities
  • Enhances IP&R knowledge across council
  • Reinforces the importance of long-term planning and civic leadership
  • Can be tailored to suit the needs of your council

What’s more, an experienced Management Solutions facilitator works collaboratively with staff to deliver:

  • Community Strategic Plan structure and content review
  • Delivery Program and Operational Plan structure and content review
  • Document integration review
  • Reporting process review
  • Internal and external stakeholder engagement process
  • Workshops with key staff to determine improvements and update key plans


Organisational and structural reviews

Through organisational and structural reviews, the Management Solutions team provides member councils with a fully independent insight into performance and sustainability.

Working closely with key council stakeholders, the review identifies any issues that may exist and where improvements or changes can be made. Additionally, as the review progresses, it lays the foundation for a potential change management process.

The team can assist you with a full organisational review, structural review, departmental review, staff engagement review, or a combination of any of these, using a variety of methods such as workshops, interviews, staff engagement surveys and benchmarking.

We then provide a comprehensive report that outlines key recommendations for improvement, support action and planning in-order to meet organisational objectives.


Like to know more?

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