Building Resilience to Climate Change

This is a partnership program between LGNSW and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) to address identified climate change risks and vulnerabilities facing NSW councils.

Two rounds, jointly funded by OEH and the NSW Environmental Trust, were awarded in 2014 and 2015. The third round in 2016 was funded by the Climate Change Fund. Further funding is available through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change program.

Case studies of completed projects

Safeguarding communication infrastructure against extreme heat, Albury City Council (PDF, 256KB)

Building regional capacity in WSUD, Blacktown City Council (PDF, 85KB)

Hydrating Bungarribee, Blacktown City Council (PDF, 115KB) 

Planning for a climate resilient airport, Cobar Shire Council (PDF, 111KB)

Dubbo CBD Heat Island Amelioration, Dubbo Regional Council (PDF, 108KB)

Destratification system for Kyogle off-stream storage, Kyogle Council (PDF, 105KB)

Citizen Science and Foreshore Inundation – Tidal Valves, Lake Macquarie City Council (PDF, 146KB)

Assessing the vulnerability of local houses to climate change impacts, Lake Macquarie City Council (PDF, 200KB)

Adapting roads to climate change, Manly Council (PDF, 276KB)

Guiding asset resilience in a changing climate, Northern Beaches Council (PDF, 191KB)

Rehabilitating PAC Park Waterway, Parkes Shire Council (PDF, 290KB)

Adapting bus shelters to climate change, Penrith City Council (PDF, 265KB)

Adapting to urban heat events: by mapping vulnerability hot spots, Penrith City and Leichhardt Council (PDF, 190KB)

Gross Pollutant Trap Effectiveness, Queanbeyan Palerang Regional Council (PDF, 136KB)

Adapting the Nowra CBD for cooling and amenity, Shoalhaven City Council (PDF, 312KB)

Adapting to the increasing risk of mosquito-borne disease, Tweed Shire Council (PDF, 182KB)

Adaptation action plans for infrastructure, Wagga Wagga City Council (PDF, 136KB)

Mapping Sydney’s foodsheds, Wollondilly Shire Council (PDF, 247KB)

Cross-council heat mapping: lessons from an unsuccessful project (PDF, 103KB)


BRCC workshop presentations

BRCC Round 3 Grants (2016)

Round three of the grants program was highly competitive with 34 applications, totalling $2.4 million.  There are seven successful applications, totalling $497,156.

Successful Round 3 applications (PDF, 118 KB)

Grantees can acess the project plan and reporting templates here.

BRCC Round 2 Grants (2015)

Round two of the grants program received 33 applications, totalling $2.2 million.  There are eight successful applications, totalling $457,830.

Successful Round 2 applications (PDF, 51KB)

BRCC Round 1 Grants (2014)

Applications have been assessed and grants awarded to councils for projects to be delivered in 2015.

A total of $432,500 was distributed across 6 projects around NSW.

2014 Successful Projects (PDF, 77KB)


This project has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust.