Climate Change

Australia's climate is changing. Increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, changing rainfall patterns and more frequent and intense extreme climatic events are likely.

As climate change impacts will be experienced at regional and local levels, councils may be best placed to manage these risks.

Councils, along with Commonwealth and State Governments and other stakeholders, have a responsibility to prepare for climate change. Councils can play a key role by adopting policies and practices in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation, targeting both council operations and services to the community.

Climate change has the potential to damage council assets, cause serious disruptions to the delivery of council services, generate unbudgeted financial impacts and affect the wellbeing of the community, particularly those vulnerable to weather extremes.

We are aware that councils need to prepare for the unavoidable impacts of climate change (adaptation) and have a significant role in reducing the degree of climate change which may occur (mitigation).



Submission to the Environmental Future Funding Package (PDF, 159KB)


Submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Taskforce into Setting Australia’s post-2020 target for greenhouse gas emissions (PDF, 168KB)

Submission on the Handling of Early Collected Carbon Tax Charges held by Landfill Operators (PDF, 135KB)


Submission to the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper (PDF, 120KB)