Asbestos Awareness

While the manufacture, use and re-use of asbestos has been banned in Australia since 2003, it’s not a problem of the past – its legacy continues to haunt us. Around one in three Australian homes contain asbestos. Those planning DIY activities at home need to ask ‘Am I playing renovation roulette?’ and find out if asbestos may be present before cutting, sanding, drilling or dismantling.

Asbestos Awareness Month – November 2018

Be aware – is it there?

Be cautious – no go, until you know!

Be safe – safely dispose, don’t expose

Be curious – if in doubt, find out! 

Councils play a vital role in reaching and educating communities on the risk of asbestos that may be in their homes, commercial buildings and the community. The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has developed a range of materials to assist councils to promote awareness of this for the 2018 campaign:

These materials aim to help councils assist the community in understanding and managing any potential risks that asbestos can cause.

For more information email Daniel Adler, LGNSW Asbestos Policy Project manager, or call him on 9242 4128.