Local Government Week

  • Date:

    30 July - 5 August 2018

  • Location:

    Local council areas around NSW

Local Government Week (30 July - 5 August 2018) is an important week for NSW councils.

Many councils use this week to showcase their services and work, via special events, competitions, media, social media, websites and newsletters.

This year’s theme for Local Government Week is “The Power of Community”. 

During this special week we encourage people to explore some of the many ways in which local government is part of their lives and what their councils do.  

You probably know all about roads, rates and rubbish, but did you know local government and its many functions are a big part of everyone’s lives in other ways too? Everything from council-managed roads, childcare centres, libraries, cemeteries, sports fields and pools, to food safety checks, museums and galleries, building and development and pet registrations are all operated by councils.

Did you know:

  • Local government in NSW employs more than 55,000 people
  • Local government in NSW looks after more than $136 billion of community assets
  • In 2017, local government spent $2 billion on caring for the environment including recycling and waste management, stormwater management and preserving and protecting our native flora and fauna
  • NSW has 450 council-run libraries that attract more than 34.8 million visits each year
  • Local government in NSW is responsible for around 90% of the state’s roads and bridges
  • NSW councils manage an estimated 3.5 million tonnes of waste each year
  • NSW councils own and manage more than 600 museums, galleries, theatres and art centres.

Promote your Local Government Week activities

Local Government Week is a great opportunity to explore all the ways that your council is a part of the community. To help you promote the activities you are doing during local government week we have produced design templates for A3 and A4 posters.


You can find the poster templates here along with various formats of the LG Week logo shown above. Also, download the information kit, which has a range of materials including sample social media posts, event suggestions, media releases and newsletter templates.  

LG Week Awards

A highlight of the week is the Local Government Week Awards Evening which celebrates exceptional work done by councils across the State.

Visit the Local Government Week Awards Evening page for more information including photos and winners from previous years.


We encourage councils wishing to promote their Local Government Week events and activities on Twitter to use the hashtag #LGWeek2018.