Media release: Don’t play reno roulette, warns Local Government NSW

DIY-ers looking to spruce up the family home before Christmas should ensure they don’t accidently expose themselves to asbestos-related diseases, warned Local Government NSW (LGNSW) today.

LGNSW President Keith Rhoades said NSW has one of the highest rates of in-home asbestos in the world.

“Combine this with $2.8 billion in residential renovations completed in NSW last financial year and we have a huge need to educate the community and keep them safe,” Clr Rhoades said.

“As part of National Asbestos Awareness Month, we are urging home renovators to avoid the risks by educating themselves and, when appropriate, accessing expert advice and help.”

Clr Rhoades said Australia nearly topped global asbestos usage rankings in the mid-80s, with asbestos still present in around one-third of homes built before 1987.

“This is a real concern because research has also shown that more than 60% of DIY renovators report exposure to asbestos dust.

“We need to ensure that the increased popularity of home renovation is matched with an increased awareness of how to manage asbestos in the community.

“There is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos fibres so if you find asbestos in your home, or if you’re unsure, take precautions and hire someone who is trained and accredited to help.”

Local councils also play a vital role in minimising asbestos risk via land, building and asset management, emergency response, naturally-occurring asbestos management, waste management and regulation.

LGNSW works with councils to manage the risk of inadvertent exposure through continued promotion and implementation of the model asbestos policy, and delivering best practice asbestos workshops and training to councils.

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