Media Release: 46 Communities prepare to go to the polls September 9 | LGNSW

Media Release: 46 Communities prepare to go to the polls September 9

6 September 2017

Voters in 46 local government areas will go to the polls this weekend to democratically elect councillors to amalgamated councils, and complete the electoral cycle for those that had their 2016 elections postponed.

Local Government NSW today reminded residents and ratepayers to check whether an election was being held in their local government area.

“Voting is compulsory for all spheres of government – local, state and federal,” LGNSW President Keith Rhoades said.

“Most NSW councils held their elections in 2016, but elections for these remaining 46 were held over until the amalgamation process was complete, or the decision made that a merger would not proceed.

“That has created a situation where there may be some confusion as to whether residents and ratepayers need to vote or not this Saturday September 9.

“The NSW Electoral Commission’s website allows anyone to check they are on the electoral roll, determine whether their council is holding an election, identify which – if any - ward they are in, and even find directions to their nearest polling place.

“Voters can also call the Electoral Commission on 1300 135 736: they will have the information you need to help ensure you have your say.”

Clr Rhoades said that local government elections differed slightly from State and Federal elections because there was no absentee voting except at Sydney Town Hall, making it even more important to check your council’s status ahead of Saturday September 9.

“Local Government employs some 45,000 people across the state, and has an annual spend of $10 billion – as a sector we’re active almost every sphere of daily life,” he said.

“The responsibilities and operations of modern councils extend far beyond the old outmoded ‘roads, rates and rubbish’ model.

“Today’s councillors come from a wide variety of backgrounds and they operate at the strategic level to deliver the services and infrastructure that communities need.

“That’s why it’s vital for every voter to have their say about who represents them – who serves as their voice when decisions are being made about their local community.”


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