Councillor Support

LGNSW provides information and resources for NSW Local Government councillors to guide and support them throughout their term.

Resources for Councillors

Councillors require a good understanding of their legislated roles and responsibilities to ensure their effectiveness as a member of a governing body and an elected representative. Resources that may assist councillors to perform their role are available through the Office of Local Government.


LGNSW's Learning Solutions division provides professional development and training specifically catering to the needs of councillors. Our comprehensive courses are designed to assist councillors to understand their roles and enhance their skills.

Councillor Fees

Councillors are entitled to receive an annual fee for carrying out their civic duties. The NSW Local Government Remuneration Tribunal (the Tribunal) decides each year what councillors’ annual fees will be.

Each year, LGNSW makes submissions to the Tribunal, seeking fairer and more equitable fees for all NSW councillors. More information is available through the Tribunal.

Councils must make provision to pay for councillors’ expenses. The Guidelines (PDF, 206KB) for the payment of expenses and provision of facilities for Mayors and councillors in NSW can be downloaded at the Office of Local Government.


LGNSW Submission 2019 (PDF, 2,865KB)


Report and Determination 2018 (PDF, 369KB)

LGNSW Submission 2018 (PDF, 364KB)

Model Code of Conduct

The Model Code of Conduct (PDF, 382KB) (Model Code) for Local Councils in NSW is prescribed by regulation and sets the minimum standards of conduct for council officials in carrying out their functions. Guidelines to the Model Code contain interpretive information and suggestions to help councils develop their own codes of conduct.

Mentoring Service

LGNSW offers councillors from all member councils, access to confidential and free mentoring services. Conducted by highly experienced and well regarded colleagues, the LGNSW mentoring service provides a valuable opportunity for new and returned councillors to seek guidance on issues ranging from governance, conflict management, conduct of meetings, relationship management or other matters of concern.