There are many websites which provide information, resources and services to assist individuals and organisations create a mentally healthy workplace and live a mentally healthy life. Many of them provide tools and resources free of charge and deliver workplace training and other services at a reasonable cost. Councils can use some of the tools available to help strengthen their capacity to minimise psychological injuries and develop health and wellbeing programs, balancing mental and physical health and wellbeing activities. 
Some of the resources, such as on-line learning tools and mobile telephone apps can be made directly available to staff. Others can be incorporated into the council’s program.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission has a mission to lead the promotion and protection of human rights by making human rights values part of everyday life and language, empowering all people to understand and exercise their human rights, working with individuals, community, business and government to inspire action keeping government accountable to national and international human rights standards.


Beyondblue is a national, not-for-profit organisation working to address issues associated with depression, anxiety and related substance misuse disorders in Australia. Its website offers a range of resources and fact sheets for employers and managers, families and the community. It also provides a workplace training program for managers and employees which can be customised to meet the needs of council.

Black Dog Institute

The Black Dog Institute is a not-for-profit, educational, research, clinical and community-oriented facility offering specialist expertise in depression and bipolar disorder. The website provides various tools and resources including online presentations and information about lunchtime seminars and workplace mental health and well-being training.


ComCare is the federal government agency which has responsibility for work health and safety. Its objective is to have a positive impact on reducing injury and harm in the workplace. ComCare produces a range of guidelines and other expert publications about work health and safety including specific topics such as mental health in the workplace.

Communities Matter

The Communities Matter website provides resources to encourage community action in small towns and local communities to prevent suicide. It offers information and advice on aspects of suicide and supporting those affected by suicide as well as resources to help create and run community groups.

Heads Ûp

Heads Up is a joint initiative between BeyondBlue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance and is focused on creating mentally health workplaces. The site provides individuals and organisations with free tools and resources to help them plan and act. It is also an excellent portal to other providers who also provide training and offer support services for workplaces. The website also has an interactive planning tool to assist organisations develop their mental health and wellbeing plans.


Headspace is Australia's National Youth Mental Health Foundation. It focuses on the mental health, social wellbeing and economic participation of young Australians aged between 12 and 25. The website provides information and resources, including fact sheets, specific to mental illness. 

LifeLine Counselling 

LifeLine Counselling provides a national 24-hour telephone counselling service available to anyone who requires support, information and referral to relevant support services available in communities around Australia. It can be contacted on Phone: 13 11 14.

Mensline Australia

Mensline Australia is a national 24-hour telephone support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship concerns. It can be contacted on 1300 78 99 78.

Mental Health First Aid Australia

Mental Health First Aid Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation focused on mental health training and research. It develops, evaluates and provides a variety of training programs and courses including the standard 12-hour Mental Health First Aid course. This course teaches how to provide initial support to adults who are developing a mental illness or experiencing a mental health crisis. The website provides all the information need to choose a training course and link up with an accredited instructor in your area.


Mindhealthconnect is a portal which makes it easy to find mental health and wellbeing information, support and services from Australian health providers. Supported by the Australian Government, this innovative portal is very resource rich and provides access to on-line services and mobile apps which are designed to support people with mental health conditions or those wishing to assess their current emotional state. Many of these resources are free of charge and could be made readily available to employees via a council’s intranet.
To assist organisation deal with mental health in the workplace, it has developed an online resource aimed at managers. It provides a lot of information, advice and links to other tools and resources.


MoodGYM is a web-based, interactive self-help program for depression consisting of a number of different on-line modules. The modules explore issues such as why you feel the way you do, changing the way you think, changing 'warped' thoughts, knowing what makes you upset, and assertiveness and interpersonal skills training. Access to the modules is free. Councils could provide access to these resources through their Intranet.

Royal Australian  College of Physicians

StateCover is a signatory to this initiative with Royal Australian College of Physicians which supports the importance of work on an individual’s health and wellbeing.  It is an evidence-based initiative and is also supported by the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

SafeWork NSW

As well as its regulatory role, SafeWork NSW provide advice on improving work health and safety in NSW. It provides a range of useful publications on topics relevant to work health and safety.

SANE Australia

SANE Australia is a national charity working for a better life for people affected by mental illness through campaigning, education and research. The organisation provides an online and telephone help line, online fact sheets and print and multi-media resources including specific information for employers, managers, co-workers and employees with mental illness. Workplace education and training is also provided.


SuperFriend is a national mental health promotion foundation focused on creating mentally healthy workplaces to reduce the incidence of suicide and the impact of mental illness on individuals and organisations. It develops and delivers workplace mental health and wellbeing programs and resources that are practical and easy-to-use.

Suicide Call Back Service

Suicide Call Back Service provides free phone, video and online counselling for anyone affected by suicide. It is a nationwide service that provides telephone and online counselling to people 15 years and over and who are suicidal, caring for someone who is suicidal or bereaved by suicide. It also provides a range of on-line information including advice if you have concerns about someone else.
The Suicide Call Back Service is especially suited to people who are geographically or emotionally isolated. It can be contacted on its 24/7 Help Line – 1300 659 467

This Way Up↑↑

THIS WAY UP is a partnership between St Vincent’s Hospital and the University of New South Wales. It was established to reduce the impact of anxiety and depressive disorders on individuals. The website provides on-line assessment tools and courses for people suffering from a variety of mental health issues. The courses are free or low cost.
International resources:


UCL, a University based in London, United Kingdom has recently published an article on how to tackle mental health in the workplace as a manager and colleague. This gives an insight on the mental health conditions in the workplace which breaks down how managers can support their employees with mental health conditions and how employees can support each other in the workplace.