About the Toolkit

Developing the toolkit

Pressure on councils to be more responsive to the needs of their communities seems to be ever-present. Combined with current and ongoing reform pressures in the sector, Local Government New South Wales (LGNSW) and its partner organisations felt it essential to turn our attention to mentally healthy workplaces.
StateCover and Local Government Super have joined LGNSW to sponsor this project to help prevent psychological injuries in the workplace, which can lead to stress, long-term absences, mental illness and even suicide.
A short survey was sent to NSW councils asking key questions about their current practice and programs. LGNSW thanks those councils that responded. Much of the information provided has been reproduced as part of this toolkit. 

Using the toolkit

The toolkit provides information about the different aspects of psychological injuries and mentally healthy workplaces and directs users to more detailed information, tools and resources. It promotes a strengthening of WHS strategies to better identify and manage risks of psychological injury as well an expansion of the health and wellbeing program to include mental health.
It provides resources which can be incorporated into existing council programs, thus strengthening their capacity to create healthy workplaces.
There is a lot of information and guides on the Internet. An effort has been made to identify and link to the most useful and resource-rich websites. All of them are Australian and all of them have an established trustworthiness. Many are government funded or are the result of government partnerships or are from respected not-for-profit organisations.
Explanatory note; The terms psychological health and mental health are used throughout the toolkit. Essentially they mean the same thing. The term psychological health is used when discussing issues in the context of councils' WHS commitments as this is the expression used in the legislation. When discussing the idea of creating a healthy workplace, the term mental health is used.