Mentally healthy workplaces are positive and productive and environments where people want to come to work.  These workplaces can play a large role in promoting and maintaining individual’s mental health and wellbeing in an ever changing environment.

LGNSW recently released the Mental Health and Wellbeing Toolkit for NSW councils.  Under Work Health and Safety regulations all organisations are required to have appropriate policies and responses in place to ensure a mentally healthy workplace.

This workshop is for staff and compliments the Mental Health in the Workplace program.  Addressing the need for staff members to understand the importance of a mentally healthy workplace, how they can contribute to that positive environment, the value of focusing on their own individual health, wellbeing and resilience and the need to understand how to support others. These skills will help staff members to better manage with change in local government, organisations,  work and workplaces.

Dates and Locations

8 December 2017 - Sydney

This program is a joint initiative of LGNSW, LGSuper and StateCover NSW.

For more information, please download Resilience and Wellbeing (PDF, 79KB).