These workshops are a showcase opportunity for each universitiy to highlight a range of research capabilities that have applications for local government. Collaborative conversations will enable you to test potential projects and innovations, and we will explore the mechanics of how councils can best work with universities and LGNSW to progress their own research ideas.


LGNSW has recently launched a Research and Innovation Fund to support new areas of research, policy development and innovation for the advancement of local government in NSW. We are hoping to fill gaps in our evidence base, explore emerging issues, promote informed discussion and debate, and encourage the development of research partnerships within the sector.

LGNSW has allocated seed funding for the first year of operations, and is embarking on a process to leverage this investment by selecting projects that have broad sector appeal or application and then seeking to attract council, industry and university partners. To do this councils are invited to:

1. Put forward innovative and original proposals or ideas – these may cross any area of council activities and interests. Expressions of interest (EOIs) are due by 15 October 2018.

2. Become a project partner – once we receive all the EOIs we’ll circulate them to invite all councils to make contributions. The project proposal that attracts the highest level of interest from councils is the one that will be awarded the LGNSW seed funding and will be progressed to work with a university partner in lodging an ARC Linkage Grant application for federal funds.


  • Welcome and Introductions – University Hosts, LGNSW and council attendees
  • Overview of University research with applications in local government
  • Councils invited to discuss organisational priorities and research needs
  • Exploring collaboration and next steps

Who should attend?

These workshops are intended for elected members, executives, managers and professional staff who would like to progress a research or innovation project in their Council.


University of Sydney

Camperdown Campus

Friday 28th September 9.30am-12.30pm

University of NSW

Kensington Campus

Friday 28th September 1.30-4.30pm

Western Sydney University

Parramatta Campus

Tuesday 2nd October  3pm-6pm