An effective working relationship between elected representatives and officers of a council is critical to the successful formulation of strategy and the sustainable delivery of services to the community. Yet to many officers  the relatively rational task of managing service delivery can seem a world apart from the political context in which elected representatives operate and make decisions.

While there are formally defined roles for councillors and officers as well as a framework for regulating the relationship between the two groups,  the boundary is, in practice, very blurred. This requires the exercise of discretion and judgement, quite often in a high-stakes context.

This workshop will help you to develop your skills and insights into managing yourself and others in a political context as well as ways of strengthening your political awareness. It will give you greater confidence in your professional relationships with elected representatives and senior staff. It will also help you to negotiate ideas and issues through what can seem to be a political maze.

For more information, please download Political Awareness (PDF, 42KB).