Outstanding Individual Contribution

This award acknowledges outstanding staff within councils who have fostered and further communication.

This person:

  • Contributes ideas, creativity and leadership
  • Displays diplomacy, innovation and respect for the position they hold and the stakeholders around them
  • Leads by example and is admired within their field



  • Communications and events staff within NSW councils
  • Must be in their position for no less than two years
  • Can be self-nominated or nominated by another party

Entries are now closed.

Judging Criteria

To be eligible, submissions must address each of the criteria listed below:

1. Achievements

  • Description of positions held within current council and achievements. Note this is not a resume
  • Maximum 500 words

2. Body of work

  • Description of substantive body of work
  • Maximum 500 words

3. Impact

  • Description of the impact this individual has had on internal and external stakeholders
  • Maximum 250 words

4. Innovation

  • Description of innovative contribution
  • Maximum 250 words


  • Online submission
  • 2 images of events or projects completed relating to your submission. At least one photo must be a head shot of the nominee.