Lead and Manage your Team through Organisational Change and Transition

This course provides participants with the skills to effectively lead themselves and their team through organisational change.

Who should attend

Leaders, Managers, Team Leaders and staff who are leading and/or experiencing organisational change.


  • Identify leadership competencies that are essential for leading successful change and transition
  • Overview of different models of change as an effective change management tool 
  • Build employee awareness of the what and why of change 
  • How to effectively communicate during a change initiative to build commitment and ownership for change
  • Identify and overcome barriers and obstacles to change (self and others)
  • How to move employees from the current state through the transition phase to the preferred future state 
  • Strategies to best support and motivate employees during organisational change
  • Understand and manage employee resistance to change 
  • Methods for dealing with resistance to change


Participants will :

  • Gain confidence, tools and strategies for leading and managing change effectively
  • Gain a deeper understanding of their own reactions to change 
  • Learn to foster resiliency in self and staff during organisational change
  • Better able to deal with conflicts and challenges that arise during change
  • Be more productive and effective in the various phases of change


Facilitator presentation, group exercises and discussions, relevant case studies, workplace scenarios and reinforcement exercises


Gabrielle Droulers is a highly experienced learning and development specialist with 20 years’ experience in designing and implementing strategies to develop capability and align talent management with organisational goals and values in a broad range of industries including local, state and federal government.

Gabrielle has a sound understanding of local government culture based on prior program delivery to several NSW and Victorian councils including City of Sydney, Penrith City Council and Wollongong City Council.