Internal Audit Familiarisation Seminar

Internal Audit is shortly to be mandated across NSW local government. For many councils the design, establishment and operation of an efficient, well targeted internal audit function represents new and significant challenges.

To assist councils in meeting these challenges LGNSW has developed an Internal Audit Familiarisation Seminar. The seminar is designed to provide staff with broad information to build cross-organisational understanding of internal audit functions and its role in performance improvement and risk mitigation across the council’s governance and operations.       

Course Objectives

This seminar is designed around the delivery of practical information and guidance, drawing on case studies and other information to address the following areas of internal audit:

  • Overview of relevant legislation and guidelines
  • The role and purpose of internal audit
  • The benefits of establishing an internal audit function
  • The relationship between internal audit and external audit and other council activities
  • Developing a charter for the internal audit panel and operations
  • Establishing an internal audit committee
  • Internal audit committee functions and operations
  • Key characteristics of an effective audit committee
  • Conducting a ‘baseline audit’
  • Determining priorities – developing an Internal Audit work plan
  • Internal audit Panel meetings and operations
  • Internal audit panel reporting
  • Internal audit performance review


  • This program will provide the most up-to-date information regarding Internal Audit legislation and guidelines
  • The seminar provides relevant and usable information for councils that operate an internal audit function and for others preparing for the design and establishment of such a function
  • Content and discussion will draw heavily on examples across a range of councils
  • The presentation will include references to useful reference documents and encourage interaction from participants during the presentation.

Who Should Attend

Senior staff, managers, strategists, governance professionals, mayors and councillors who are responsible for council audit, risk and performance.


The facilitator will use group discussions, council case studies and Local Government oriented examples.


Martin Bass has over 20 years experience in community engagement and strategic planning in Local and State government. For over 15 years he managed his council’s activcities in stakeholder engagement and corporate planning. More recently he has acted in a consulting capacity, providing many councils with assistance and guidance in management consulting and organisation performance.