This  workshop provides a hands-on experience for council staff to critique their council's IP&R documents against the requirements and intent of the legislation.

The workshop provides opportunities for participants to identify better practice in planning and reporting and explore ways for them to enhance their own IP&R practice and build an IP&R culture within their council.

Who should attend

Council managers and staff involved in the preparation and/or implementation of the IP&R suite of plans, includung community enagement, strategic planning, operational planning, financial planning, workforce planning, asset management, performance measurement and reporting.

Workshop Objectives

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Have a sound understanding of what better IP&R practice looks like
  • Be able to identify the strengths, as well as the areas requiring further development, in their council’s suite of IP&R documents
  • Have developed an action plan for enhancing their future IP&R practice back at the office


Participants will bring to the session the full suite of adopted IP&R documents currently in place in their council. These will be critiqued during the course fo the workshop by participants from different councils, offering a new perspective. Each workshop will also include a showcase from a local council exploring a particular aspect of IP&R practice.


Karen Legge is know as ‘the IP&R guru’. During her time with the NSW Office of Local Government, Karen was instrumental in supporting local councils’ implementation of the IP&R framework, and to build IP&R maaturity aross the sector.

Karen is an experienced facilitator who has delivered IP&R focused workshops across NSW to support councillors,councillor executives, council mangers and staff to embed IP&R within their organisations.