Effective business writing is talk ‘tidied up’, however many people were never taught the basic rules of grammar and punctuation that help writers achieve this. To give your writing credibility and make sure your message is correct and clear, it is important to understand and apply the rules of grammar and punctuation covered in this course.


To increase the professionalism of council documents, this one day course covers these fundamentals in a practical way.

Who should attend

If you write for work and need to understand the basic concepts of grammar and punctuation so you can identify errors and write correctly, this course will help you. If you were taught these rules and want to revise them, you will benefit from this course as well.


  • Identifying and correcting the most common grammatical errors made when writing for council
  • Using punctuation marks effectively so the meaning of the document is clear, particularly focusing on apostrophes, commas and capital letters
  • Constructing effective writing through using phrases, clauses, sentences and paragraphs  correctly?
  • Using parts of speech including verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs to give impact to
  • How to proofread effectively


The workshop is hands-on, with a combination of lecture, small group and individual activities. Participants will be given grammatical rules to follow and activities where these rules need to be applied. The course involves constant participation and feedback.

The material in this course is based on the Style Manual used by the Commonwealth Government of Australia.


Robbie Singleton is an experienced communication, writing and customer service consultant. She has worked with LGLS for many years and has a sound knowledge of our industry, as well as of private sector organisations. As well as extensive experience in public sector writing, Robbie also managed a writing business for five years where she produced magazines, point of sale material, letters and reports for national companies in the manufacturing industry.