• 22 October 2020

This is a practical skills program focusing on the basic principles of  effective letter and email writing.

It is one of the three business writing courses offered by LGLS that focus on real council examples to help staff develop their skills and write more professionally. The other two courses are ‘Improving Your Report Writing’and ‘Improving Your Grammar, Punctuation and Proof Reading Skills.’

Who should attend

Anyone in council who wishes to improve skills and confidence in writing.


  • Identify the purpose of your writing.
  • Understand your  readers.
  • Identify different structures in writing and how to choose the most effective one/s to achieve your purpose.
  • Use language that is reader-friendly.
  •  Use five strategies to effectively engage your reader.
  • Ensure the finished product is easy to read and has a positive impact.


By the end of this course, you will have more of the skills, knowledge and strategies you need to write:

  • clearly, accurately and effectively
  • using a reader-friendly structure and style
  • different types of business letters and emails
  • in Plain English
  • projecting a positive image of your organisation


Highly practical and interactive exercises are used throughout. The course uses a variety of real council documents, including business letters, saying ‘no’ letters, letters of complaint and emails as examples to teach the skills you need to achieve your purpose and to promote your Council.

During the final session, participants will review an example of their own writing and improve it based on the skills practised in the course.


Robbie Singleton is an experienced communication, writing and customer service consultant. She has worked with LGLS for many years and has a sound knowledge of our industry, as well as of private sector organisations. As well as extensive experience in public sector writing, Robbie also managed a writing business for five years where she produced magazines, point of sale material, letters and reports for national companies in the manufacturing industry.