• 02 December 2020

Whether it be reading council's budget, or contributing or questioning the budget and Operational Plan, Councillors are having to make many decisions about financial issues in Local Government.

This module will assist Councillors to make informed decisions about financial issues.

Who should attend

Councillors and senior staff.


  • Know the responsibilities of Councillors in regard to council finances
  • Understand basic accounting procedures
  • Know how to read quarterly reviews
  • Know how to interpret council balance sheets
  • Know what depreciation is and how it affects council’s finances
  • Understand how financial information fits into council planning
  • Understand the concept of risk and how it fits into financial management issues
  • Know what is expected of councillors during council audits
  • Explore how probing questions can assist to make more informed decisions.


Participants will gain practical skills, knowledge and confidence in discharging the financial duties of a councillor. The module will provide them with range of basic tools to understand, interpret, develop, plan and more effectively manage the financial resources of their council, as well as inform them of their duties and responsibilities in regard to the financial management of their Council.


Dennis Banicevic is a previous long term, Director of Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) with over 30 years of work and experience in local government finance and audit. Dennis is a dedicated local government specialist who has worked with over 50 councils in his career. 

Assignments he has covered include:

  • Development of performance indicators
  • Authoring the Code of Accounting Practice for NSW local government
  • Financial planning for councils
  • Establishment of Internal Audit and Audit Committees
  • Performance improvement
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Zero based budgeting
  • Project management
  • Risk assessment

Dennis has a particular interest in improving the experience and skills of councillors and the quality of information reported to councillors as a basis for better decision working.  His presentations are practical and focused on the specific interests of his audience.