Excellence in Communication

This category recognises a communication or public relations campaign produced in the 2019 calendar year.

It may be an example of how, through a communication strategy, one of the parties (council or community) shifted in their attitude or behaviour or achieved a special outcome.

These campaigns should be part of an overall strategy and could include the use of a number of communicaion tools such as:

  • Websites.
  • Community Surveys.
  • Social media.
  • Guide/information publications.
  • Special publications.
  • Newspaper inserts (i.e. newspaper space used and paid for by a council to communicate with its community).
  • Press/ radio/ TV coverage.
  • Community services directory.

Please note, individual publications should be entered into Reporting to Your Community Award.

All entries must be submitted online:

  • The submission is online.
  • Two photos no larger than 2MB each.
  • Attach examples of the campaign or special event print collateral.
  • Maximum of two support documents.

Entries are now closed.

Judging Criteria

1. Overall Communication Strategy

Short overview of the communication campaign strategy including goals, situational analysis, implementation and methods selected; show the clear targeting of issues and audiences in the planning process and the effective use of a variety of media appropriate to those audiences.

2. Strategy Development

Illustrate how a strategy was developed to meet the stated goals. Reaching disadvantaged groups is often difficult (aged, disabled, NESB and Aboriginal groups etc). Address issues of accessibility to these groups if they were incorporated.

3. Budget

Briefly outline your budget: How much it cost and whether it was a cost effective use of resources. This should include all expenses, including production, printing, distribution and evaluation costs.

4. Distribution Methods

Show communication and distribution methods (through meetings and events, direct mail, letterbox drop, social media, via businesses, shops, cafes, libraries, council of offices, newspaper ads, inserts, media releases).

5. Communication of Message

Show how the project communicated its message clearly, creatively and in an innovative fashion.

6. Results

Describe the campaign results in relation to the goals and budget. What were the outcomes and changes? Indicate how any results of community feedback were implemented (whether the council changed its behaviour or strategy).

7. Evaluation

Campaign evaluation: were methods put in place to evaluate the impact of the campaign? Evaluate the results achieved in relation to the goals and budget. Please provide evidence. Show evaluation mechanisms used (phone lines, public meetings, reply paid comment sheet, survey, email address etc) and give examples of any measurement of responses (word of mouth comments, phone calls, letters, emails, survey responses, attendance figures, visits, letters to the editor, media coverage etc).

8. Unique Features

What aspects of your strategy would you say were unique and innovative? Give an analysis of best features.