• Swissotel, 68 Market Street, Sydney

    The Personal and Executive Assistants Conference gives PAs and EAs the skills and confidence to manage challenges arising from workplace change.

  • Sydney


    These peer review workshops provide a hands-on experience for council staff to critique their own and others’ IP&R documents against the requirements and intent of the legislation.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    John F. Kennedy could read at 5000 words per minute (wpm) and Jimmy Carter could read at 3000. What about you? What’s your reading speed? The average Australian reads at 220 wpm with 60% comprehension.  We all have the potential to at least double or triple our reading speed and improve our comprehension. And depending on our motivation, read at thousands of words per minute.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW

    This interactive program is designed to give the participants a good understanding of how to provide the best service possible.

  • Albury Entertainment Centre, 525 Swift St, Albury


    The LGNSW Water Management Conference presents local government with a broad range of information on water management and current issues.

  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    Meetings play an important role in the management of all organisations and are an essential part of good corporate governance. This workshop is designed to assist Councillors in gaining the skills and confidence required to effectively chair, participate in and contribute to council meetings.

  • Sydney, for venue details contact LGNSW Learning Solutions


    LGNSW is delighted to announce that it has joined with the University of Technology (Centre for Local Government) and TAFE NSW to provide an accredited training program for councillors called the Executive Certificate for Elected Members.


  • 28 Margaret St Sydney NSW


    This interactive workshop we will look at the full spectrum of workplace behaviour, from unlawful and unacceptable behaviours through to behaviour that is aligned with values - and the behaviours that fall in between.  We will consider the different standards, expectations and assumptions about ‘appropriate’ behaviour that we all bring to work and the impact of different behaviours on different people.

  • Caves Coastal Bar & Bungalows 27 Mawson Close, Caves Beach NSW 2281

    This course will provide you with a practical introduction to the NSW Planning System.

  • Caves Beach Coastal Bar and Bungalows, Lake Macquarie

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