• Webcast


    This course will provide you with a practical introduction to the NSW Planning System. It is tailored to property staff working in councils who would like a better understanding of how planning operates in NSW and the issues they need to be aware of when interacting with planners in council.

  • LGNSW Water Forum

    LGNSW Water Forum- 16 July (virtual event)

  • Online Microsoft Live event

    Member online Water Forum with Hon. Melinda Pavey MP

  • Webcast


    This program teaches a set of specific behaviours and tactics with which staff can redirect hostile or aggressive behaviour of others, and generate voluntary compliance. It is aimed at customer service officers, librarians, development plan officers and health and building inspectors. i.e. anyone who could be in danger of physical and/or verbal abuse.

  • Webcast


    This is a practical skills program focusing on the basic principles of  effective letter and email writing.

  • Webcast - 29 July 2020


    The next meeting of LGNSW Learning Solutions' free quarterly learning and development network.

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    This course aims to give you the skills you need to write effective, clear and concise reports for your managers and your Council. 

  • Local council areas around NSW

    Local Government Week promotes the importance of Local Government to NSW communities.

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    This practical workshop is directed towards general managers, directors, human resource practitioners, payroll officers and line managers.