Developing Capabilities for Elected Members


Local Government NSW has a longstanding commitment to providing professional development opportunities which support Elected Members in acquiring and maintaining the skills and knowledge needed to govern in today’s complex and diverse local government environment.

New legal requirements are currently being introduced to promote a systematic and planned approach to induction and professional development for Mayors and Councillors.

The Local Government Capability Framework provides a clear basis for councillors’ professional development, and can be used for new councillor induction, training needs analysis and preparing professional developemnt plans. Information and implementation supports can be accessed on the LGNSW website at

LGNSW has also developed PD in a Box, a free, confidential and individualised online portal for assessing the capabilities of elected members and creating a personal and professional development plan.


This workshop will provide information, tools and practical guidance, and participants will receive a clear methodology for undertaking an assessment of the capabilities to inform a development plan for elected members.

It will also include ample time for facilitated and informal discussions designing the process for individuals and their councils.


This workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Overview and context – responsibilities and challenges for elected members, understanding the upcoming new legal requirements, background to the local government capability framework
  • Understanding the capability framework – groups of capabilities, levels for Councillors and Mayors, mapping to legal requirements
  • Assessing capabilities – behavioural indicators, what ‘good’ looks like, variations in perceptions, including peer assessments
  • Shaping development plans – reviewing the options, using the 70-20-10 approach, starting with individual needs to shape a collective plan, resourcing and timing
  • Assigning appropriate roles – roles in implementation: Mayors, Councillors, General Managers, governance and HR professionals

Who should attend

The workshop is designed for elected members, as well as people in council with responsibility for professional development for elected members - senior managers, governance and learning professionals.


The program be presented and facilitated by senior LGNSW staff and experienced elected members. A program and speaker list will be made available prior to the event.