• 07 September 2020
  • 11 December 2020

Meetings play an important role in the management of all organisations and are an essential part of good corporate governance. This workshop is designed to assist Councillors in gaining the skills and confidence required to effectively chair, participate in and contribute to council meetings.

Who should attend

Councillors and committee members. Senior staff may wish to attend to better understand how to support the role of the Councillors.  


  • Develop a systematic approach to planning, conducting and following up meetings
  • Understand the roles, duties and powers of the chair and legal requirements of agendas and minutes
  • Use the correct terms, procedures and rules of debate
  • Discuss the difficulties in running a meeting, dealing with people and situations
  • Use more creative problem solving skills for task orientated meetings, decision making and action planning
  • Identify and use effective communication and behaviour styles
  • Gain and keep respect, enhance personal presentation
  • Understanding of the Code of Meeting Practice and its application in council meetings
  • Understanding of motion requirements and the rules of formal debate
  • Understanding of appropriate Councillor behaviours during council meetings
  • Increased confidence in Councillors’ ability to participate in council meetings


The facilitator will use group and individual exercises, skill practices and video to assist participants to transfer the learning back to the workplace. All participants will be given a reference workbook to take away. They are asked to bring along a copy of a recent meeting agenda and minutes.


Narayan has 28 years’ experience in HR and management consulting.  For the last 16 years, he has provided training solutions to around 80 NSW councils in a very broad range of topics.

Narayan has delivered many workshops to councillors, including: Code of Conduct/Conflict of Interest, Effective Chairing and Meeting Skills, Long-term Strategic and Financial Planning, Good Governance, and Community Leadership.   He has also  delivered  workshops to managers and staff in many areas, including Performance Management, Handling Difficult People, Managing Change and Uncertainty, and Managing Time and Stress.  Narayan’s most popular workshops have been Finance for Non-Finance Managers and Effective Pricing for Fees and Charges.