Best Practice Asbestos Forum for Councils

  • Date:

    20 September 2018

  • Time:

    9:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Location:

    Orange Aboriginal Medical service 27-31 Perc Griffith Way Orange

On 20 September 2018 LGNSW & Orange City Council will host a forum on best practice asbestos management for councils.

Details: Councils from NSW are invited to attend along with representatives from the EPA, SafeWork, Fire & Rescue, Planning & Environment, and LGNSW to discuss the following topic areas:

  • Asbestos Management during emergencies & incidents
  • Asbestos land contamination, asbestos waste management and illegal dumping of asbestos
  • Management of asbestos risks within council workplaces
  • The Model Asbestos Policy for NSW Councils
  • Land Contamination and Remediation of Land

Who should attend? Officers and staff from the following areas of council:

  • Asset Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Health, Building and Regulation
  • Planning & Development
  • Properties and facilities management
  • Waste Management
  • Work Health and Safety

This forum will offer participants the opportunity to explore the role that councils play in the safe management and regulation of asbestos within their Local Government Areas.