Like much of NSW, the Namoi region hasn’t forgotten the worst drought in living memory. But what happens when droughts get so severe a city gets close to running out of water?

In Climate Resilience: Namoi, you’ll hear directly from staff and councillors from Walcha Shire and Tamworth Regional councils in the Namoi region about their experiences of unprecedented drought, and how they are preparing for a future of climate uncertainty.   

And we’ll bring you to a farm on the Liverpool Plains that is working to keep water in the landscape for longer and helping to ensure a viable future for agriculture.

Whether you work for a regional or urban council or are a concerned member of the community, you will find inspiration in these stories of climate resilience, produced and presented by former ABC documentary maker Gretchen Miller.

The podcasts are proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW through the Increasing Resilience to Climate Change Program. Sound engineering by Judy Rapley.

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