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Literature Review into the Benefits of Investment in Human and Cultural Infrastructure and Services 2016 

Resulting from the results of the 2015 Human and Cultural Services Survey, LGNSW commissioned Professor Peter Phibbs to undertake a literature review into the benefits of investment in human and cultural infrastructure and services.

The final report examined the following types human and cultural infrastructure and services: libraries, community centres, cultural activities, sport and recreation, playgrounds, health services, seniors, events and festivals.

The review found there is extensive literature available on first three, providing clear evidence of their social and economic benefits to the community. The remaining areas are lacking the same depth of literature, indicating the need for further research.

Further, the review identified that local government has not commonly measured outcomes of their investment in cultural and human services, rather opting for measuring outputs instead.

The report has highlighted the need for local government to undertake more in-depth research on the benefits of its investment in human and cultural services in order to identify the community benefits in terms of outcomes rather than merely outputs.

The full report is now available