In the 2021 Inside Waste Annual Consultants Review, MRA was voted as the best small consultancy in almost half of the available categories while the next best consultant only scored two top spots.

MRA also came second in four more categories and third in another.

MRA previously won this award each year from 2013-2016, while in 2017 it was voted best in five categories and in 2019 and 2020 it ranked higher than all large Australian consultancies for both value and service.

With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Europe, MRA provides services to large and small business and all levels of government.

The MRA team includes engineers, planners, economists, lawyers and scientists and:

  • Is a national leader in carbon reporting, compliance, planning, approvals and project development.
  • Develops strategies for technology providers, councils and businesses.
  • Delivers tailored commercial advice, including economic modelling, market studies and market entry.
  • Provides comprehensive education and consultation services.
  • Has a comprehensive audit and waste assessment program.