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NSW Plastics Action Plan

NSW Plastics Action Plan

The NSW Government has released the NSW Plastics Action Plan, which sets out the first six actions to achieve four long-term outcomes to better manage plastics and reduce the impact they have on the environment:

  1. Legislate to phase out some of the most littered single-use plastic items
  2. Accelerate the transition to better plastic products supported by a $10 million Circular Materials Fund to help producers change sooner
  3. $5 million for innovative trials and pilot programs that improve plastic recyclability, alternatives or recovery
  4. Investigate a new extended producer responsibility scheme to tackle cigarette butt litter
  5. $500,000 to help plastic manufacturers prevent nurdles (small plastic pellets) from entering waterways
  6. $2 million for a new Plastics Research Partnership to drive research to further understand the future of plastics

The plan is a key part of the NSW Waste and Sustainable Materials Strategy 2041.