Charitable donations and GIVIT

Following a disaster, our spirit of generosity and desire to help those impacted is a wonderful thing. However, we need to be careful that we only donate things that are actually needed by our impacted communities. 

The best way to help our impacted communities is to donate money to one of the many charities or appeals that have been established. Money gives people the choice to buy things they need and support local businesses that have also been impacted. 

If you wish to donate to fire affected communities, here are the main groups working on the ground and accepting donations:

On 16 January 2020 the NSW Government announced it had commissioned national not-for-profit organisation GIVIT to coordinate the donation of much-needed goods and services.

GIVIT works with councils, charities and community groups as a virtual warehouse, matching donations to recipients in need of a particular item or service. This reduces the financial and administrative burden of sorting through and storing goods that may not be wanted, while still ensuring that those in need get the assistance they need. It also links residents seeking assistance to trusted local support services via an online hub.

All monetary donations received by GIVIT are used to buy essential items from local businesses to help generate local economic recovery.

LGNSW has welcomed the NSW Government making this service available to all councils, free of charge.

An information pack as well as social media assets and messaging are available online or by contacting GIVIT by email at for information.