NSW Bushfires - recovery efforts

Bushfire-affected councils require a range of resources including logistics and communications, tree management, planning, cleaning, waste services, and engineering and infrastructure support.

Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group

LGNSW is a member of the Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group, which is collecting and coordinating offers of support from councils so they can be matched to the areas where support is needed, when it is needed. The support group provides:

  • a database of services and resources being offered by local government.
  • a matching service between councils offering support and councils requiring support.
  • general guidance on potential risks and safe methods of work.
  • connection to organisations that can provide advice on supporting disaster recovery.

It is important that all offers of support and coordinated, and duplication minimised. All non-bushfire affected councils offering assistance should register with the Local Government Bushfire Recovery Support Group by emailing recovery@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au or call 02 9246 7709.

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