What you need to know about processing of rates payments and clean-up

The State and Federal Governments are covering the cost of the clean-up for insured and uninsured property owners (residences, small business or primary production properties).

Rates: Service NSW will pay the full cost of council rates for the third and fourth quarters of this financial year for people who have lost their homes and businesses, including providing refunds to those people who have already paid. You can refer residents to Service NSW for further information or they can visit a Service NSW centre.

Clean-up: Safety is the number one priority. Contractor Laing O’Rourke Australia is leading the clean-up and charged with ensuring communities are not exposed to contamination or any hazardous materials including asbestos. They'll be engaging local contractors and local suppliers, where possible.

People should register for bushfire clean up now by visiting the Service NSW website.

Local suppliers can also sign up to help via the bushfire-affected communities rebuild portal. Regional suppliers are also encouraged to register, even if they are from areas not affected by bushfires and especially if they are from drought-affected regions.