Leo Kelly Awards - Criteria 2020


Elizabeth Robertson
Senior Policy Officer 

Phone: 02 9242 4028 

Eligibility criteria

The project or initiative must have been:

  • Substantially undertaken during the previous calendar year, i.e. January to December 2019. You will be asked to briefly detail the time-frame of the project and the completion date in maximum 100 words.
  • Managed by a NSW council or group of councils (and received the approval of the General Manager) that is/are a current member of LGNSW. You will be asked to briefly name whether the project was managed by a council, a group of councils and any other organisations in maximum 100 words.

Assessment criteria

Applicants will have 250 words to respond to each of the three assessment criteria.

1. The project/initiative can be replicated by other councils and shows leadership to the local government sector. Include the project budget figure and number of staff who worked on the project to show its ability to be replicated.

2. The project/initiative is innovative and has resulted in improvements to cultural planning, policy, delivery and/or evaluation

For councils submitting a project:
3. The project/initiative achieved its intended goals with measurable cultural outcomes. Include at least one of the Cultural Development Outcomes developed by the National Local Government Cultural Forum (2013-2018).


For councils submitting a plan/policy:
3. The project has resulted in improvements to cultural planning/policy.

Additional requirements

  • You will be asked to provide a summary outlining the key aspects of the plan/project. This summary should be suitable for publication and may be used to announce the winner, in maximum 250 words.
  • You will be asked to attach support materials including two good quality captioned images relating to your submission (1GB total, 500MB each photo) that may be used to announce the winners. For Cultural Plans, please upload a PDF copy of the plan.


Eligible nominations will be assessed based on the content provided in the submitted entry form against the criteria and be judged by a professional panel consisting of industry professionals and two councillors.