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Mayoral Onboarding Induction

The LGNSW Mayoral Onboarding Induction is an online, one-day workshop delivered over two consecutive days from 9am-12.30pm.


Learning outcomes to be covered:

  1. Role of the Mayor and the Governing Body
    Covering topics such as role of governing body, mayor as the leader of the governing body and working relationships
  2. Mayor as Leader of the Governing Body
    Covering topics such as strategies for working collaboratively with fellow councillors, balancing roles as the member of the governing body and elect rep of the community
  3. Code of Meeting Practice
    Covering topics such as running an orderly meeting, rulings and the committee of the whole.
  4. Code of Conduct
    Covering topics such as application in council meetings, CoC process, investigation, decision, sanction and upholding decisions of the Government Body
  5. Media 
    Covering topics such as interactions with the media, managing social media and media releases/interview
  6. Advocacy
    Covering topics such as Council's advocacy role and developing council's advocacy priorities and strategy and more


* Cancellations less than seven days out from the course will not be refunded.