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Writing Capability Based Position Descriptions

– The Genesis to Successful People Strategies

Price: $693 incl GST
Duration: 9.30am - 3.30pm

Clear expectations are at the very heart of an organisation’s success. Well-crafted position descriptions are the missing link to achieving even higher levels of performance. They put you in a stronger position to anticipate needs and ignite every position’s purpose.

A well-developed, capability-based position description also boosts your ability to attract, develop and retain great talent – an ever-increasing challenge for today’s organisations.

This workshop provides the understanding, skill and confidence to build a strong, capability-based position description from conception.

Who should attend?
HR, Learning and Development, Recruitment and senior staff, responsible for, or involved in, the writing of position descriptions.

The workshop will cover the fundamental components of a clear, accessible and succinct capability-based position description. Participants will learn to create a document that appeals to a diverse candidate base and provides the foundation for recruitment, performance development and performance management. Content includes:

  • Analysing a "typical" PD to identify what is and isn’t effective
  • Creating from conception the key components of a PD
    • Job title
    • Council overview
    • Primary Purpose of the Role
    • Key Accountabilities
    • Key Challenges
    • Key Relationships
    • Essential Requirements
    • Selecting Focus Capabilities
  • Using the LG PD builder

By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Be confident in writing the key components of capability-based position descriptions from conception
  • Understand how to best use the Local Government Position Description Builder

This workshop is practical and interactive. The facilitator will guide you through a structured process with group and individual activities. To apply the learning and assist participants transfer these skills to the workplace, the facilitator will use discussion, feedback and practical exercises where participants build a PD.