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Working with Dignity and Respect

Workplace bullying is profoundly damaging to the wellbeing of people, both at work and at home. Not only that, it’s estimated that it costs Australia anywhere between $6 billion and $36 billion each year.

This interactive 90-minute session provides an introduction to the features and impacts of bullying and harassment. Using engaging and relevant video case studies, it identifies unacceptable workplace behaviours and outlines the roles of employees and managers in dealing with those behaviours.

In addition, the module indicates some formal and informal actions that may be taken when bullying or harassment is identified. These are demonstrated through common workplace scenarios.

It focuses on a staff awareness and responsibilities, but it also addresses the role of the supervisor.

Learning Outcomes

  • What is dignity & respect and how is it implemented in the workplace
  • How to define bullying and harassment
  • Identification of the impacts of bullying and harassment
  • Identification of the options available for resolution – how bullies operate; case studies in bullying and harassment; formal and informal resolution approaches
  • Responsibilities of staff and managers in bullying and harassment situations
  • Tips for ensuring a harassment free workplace.

The session is tailored to local government staff and will provide relevant local government examples derived from HR professionals, to help participants transfer the learning to the workplace.