Personal Branding for Career Success

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In-house face to face
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Member calendar training
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This course is scheduled to take place on the: 6 October 2021

Duration: One Full Day
$770 incl GST

Only conducted face-to-face, onsite regionally or at your council.

This workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the psychology of dress. "Enclothed Cognition" is used to describe the effect what we wear has on psychological processes such as emotions, self-evaluation, attitude, and interaction with others.

As a society, we place symbolic meaning on clothing and evaluate people based on how they present. Through years of social conditioning our unconscious decision-making process goes into autopilot. The clothes you wear and the way you present will change the way other people hear what you say. It will subconsciously tell them if you’re like them or different. It will determine the way they see you, whether they listen to you, and whether they trust you.

How you dress changes the perception of who you are. It changes the value of what you say to the people who are looking and listening.

This workshop has been tailored for local government staff to reflect the contexts of their professional environment.

Who should attend: All councillors, executives, managers and staff.

Participants will build an understanding of how to:

  • Define a team brand and personal brand that supports each team member
  • Learn to dress strategically for the task at hand
  • Dress appropriately for specific roles and audiences
  • Create impact, and convey specific messages via dress


  • The vision, mission and values of Local Government and the essential link to personal brand
  • The four levels of business dress codes – formal, relaxed, casual, and causal relaxed
  • Six visual keys to dress your best
  • The impact and symbolism of colour and how to use it effectively in the workplace
  • Cultural competence and awareness in the workplace through appropriate dress and etiquette
  • Wardrobe essentials to maximise financial and time resources and identify the vital 20% of foundation pieces to create more than 80% of a wearable wardrobe

Facilitators have expertise in visual expression, colour profiling, personal branding, professional styling, men’s image and style, Master Practitioner NLP, and Public Relations. The program will include group discussions, activities and processes to assist the participants to identify their personal brand by distinguishing an individual’s style, physical attributes, and signature colours, and adapt those characteristics to their professional environment to best express themselves through dress for all occasions and audiences.

Please contact [email protected] for more information about the delivery of this workshop.