Speed Reading

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Course Dates
12 Oct 2022Register Now
16 Dec 2022Register Now

Price: $440 incl GST
Duration: 9am-12.30pm

John F. Kennedy could read at 5000 words per minute (wpm) and Jimmy Carter could read at 3000. What about you? What’s your reading speed?

The average Australian reads at 220 wpm with 60% comprehension. We all have the potential to at least double or triple our reading speed and improve our comprehension. And, depending on our motivation, read at thousands of words per minute.

Who should attend?
Individuals wanting to increase their reading speed and improve comprehension.

You will learn the basic principles of speed reading with improved comprehension. You will learn how to at least double your reading speed and improve your comprehension. You will also learn how to improve your memory and use mind maps to store information. Once these basic skills have been understood, they can be applied to a whole range of documents.

If you are studying, you will develop enhanced skills in essay writing, note-taking and exam preparation.

  • Concentration
  • Enhanced comprehension
  • Previewing
  • Punctuation
  • Paragraphing
  • Peripheral vision
  • Skimming
  • Scanning
  • Flexible reading strategy
  • Memory
  • Mind mapping

The facilitator will use group discussions, council case studies and local government oriented examples, to help you transfer your learning to the workplace.

Local Government NSW has a range of experienced facilitators who use discussions, case studies and local government-oriented examples to help transfer learning to the workplace. Facilitator details will be available prior to the course.