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Salary Systems and Job Evaluations

Price: $550 incl GST
Duration: 9.00am - 5.00pm

“This is a must-do course for every council that has not reviewed its salary system in the past 10 years and for anyone wanting to learn more about salary systems, job evaluation systems, and 'Total Reward’ strategy for attracting and retaining employees.”  Adam Dansie, LGNSW Director Workforce and Legal

All councils are required to have a salary system, and many councils use job evaluation systems for determining the relative worth (work value) of positions. 

In this workshop, participants will learn the common pitfalls of salary systems, explore options for overcoming them and be introduced to how to design a “best-fit” salary system for your organisation and “Total Reward” strategy for attracting and retaining employees. 

Participants will also gain a better understanding of job evaluation, including its purpose, how to do it properly, and what not to do.

This workshop will cover the following learning outcomes:

Part 1

  • Reward Strategy and Award Context
  • A Brief History of salary systems in LG
  • Trends and observations in design

Part 2

  • Taking a salary system health check
  • Market benchmarking techniques and considerations

Part 3

  • Designing a best fit structure
  • Job Evaluation principles and methods
  • Stakeholder engagement and transition considerations
  • Implementation

Part 4

  • Budgeting and Maintenance 

The facilitator will use group discussions, council case studies and local government-oriented examples, to help you transfer your learning to the workplace.