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Safer Public Spaces for Women and Girls

Planning and Designing through the Gender Lens


Public space can either exacerbate gender inequality or improve outcomes for those marginalised by it, so it is critical to recognise that gender and gender relations between women and men are key factors in how safe urban spaces are organised and developed.

Although domestic and workplace violence is now widely recognised as a human rights violation, sexual harassment and other forms of violence against women and girls in public spaces can be overlooked. 

This research and evidence based one-day course will:

  • examine through a gender lens in urban environments and the role that gender has played in constructing cities and systems throughout history
  • provide participants with the tools on how to understand diverse perspectives and approaches to urban planning and design, architecture, transportation and policy
  • explore the many ways women and girls navigate towns and cities in a profoundly different way in order to feel respected and safe
  • explore notions of civic responsibility in public places and considers a range of practical interventions in a range of situations for genders in terms of identifying and intervening to reduce sexual harassment and assault
  • explore what other towns and cities are doing world-wide to highlight and address women and girls’ safety in public areas.

Who should attend?
The course is open to anyone interested in improving their ability to plan and assess urban development from a gender equitable lens and to advance the conversation around this topic.

If you or your council would like to know more information about this course or would like to run this course in-house, please email [email protected] for a proposal.