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Reset, Reshape and Resilience

Building a Resilient LG Sector

Duration: Two-day workshop.

Building a new, resilient local government for the future - reset, reshaped and resilient.

All councils have been exposed to the impacts of natural disaster and the pandemic, escalated then by a shortage in skills, supplies and housing. We’ve subsequently seen a rapid shift towards digital transacting, engagement and flexible work.

The latest census has illustrated population migration between metro and regional areas. The traditional model for local government may have moved from "provide" to "adapt". The Community narrative has focussed on climate change, affordable housing and, following the big wet – roads.

And with a reported 40% turnover in councillors and senior staff since the elections, a new “how we do business” paradigm is emerging.

This workshop outlines a fresh approach offered to work with executive leadership teams to reset and reshape local council systems, services and strategies in this new term of council, to embrace risks including climate change, and build resilience within the people, finances, assets and decision making of the organisation, and interactions with their communities.

The course is delivered across two days in a mix of online and onsite formats for councils or groups of councils.