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Making ethical decisions in local government

Being a councillor means making ethical decisions for your local community. To do this, you need to deal successfully with challenges to your integrity, values and ethical principles.

This course helps you gain the skills and confidence to be an ethical and effective councillor. Most people want to act ethically - rehearsing what you would say and do increases the likelihood of making ethical decisions.

This is a practical four-hour course, delivered over two sessions.

Part 1 - Professional ethics in local government

By the end of the first two hours you will have:

  • A better understanding of what enables and disables ethical behaviour in local government.
  • Been introduced to the Giving Voice to Values framework for ethical action.
  • Gained practical experience by walking through real scenarios, including conflict of interest.
  • Deeper appreciation of how professional ethics makes council decision making more effective.


Part 2 - Professional ethics in action

By the end of this two hour session you will have:

  • Completed working through the Giving Voice to Values framework.
  • Identified the key points in the council business cycle requiring professional ethics.
  • Heard from former councillors about their experience of making ethical decisions.
  • Identified the process for reporting unethical conduct.
  • Gained skills to handle day to day ethical dilemmas effectively.