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GIPA Advanced

Price: $462 incl GST
Duration: 9am-12.30pm

This advanced course is for those who have completed the introductory module or have some Freedom of Information or Government Information (Public Access) Act experience. While the workshop will briefly revisit what is required when taking public interest into consideration, it will also provide detailed information and discussion on particular elements of the GIPA in order to hone your knowledge in areas that are either complex or new to access of council information.

Who should attend?
GIPA/FoI/Privacy officers, public affairs officers, governance managers and senior staff.

As an example of what will be covered in the workshop, the following issues will be addressed:

  • A review of public interest consideration against disclosure: section 14(2)
  • Informal release of information
  • Additional open access information for councils: schedule 5 clause 3
  • GIPA Act overrides secrecy provisions in other legislation
  • Effect of policy documents not being publicly available: section 24
  • Contracts register: section 32 schedule 4, schedule 3 clause 5, section 121.
  • Restraint orders: section 110
  • Agency-initiated transfers: sections 45 & 48
  • Amending an application: section 49
  • Searches for information: sections 53 & 60(3) & (4)
  • Consultation: sections 54 & 55
  • Objection to inclusion of information in disclosure log: section 56
  • Forms of access: sections 72 – 74
  • Deferral of access: section 78
  • Review of an internal review: sections 88, 93(2)
  • Protections and offences: sections 113 – 120 & 128
  • Reports: section 125
  • Regulation: section 132 & schedule 5.

The facilitator will use group discussions, council case studies and local government oriented examples, to help you transfer your learning to the workplace.