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Graphic design with words capability framework.
Course Dates
26 Aug 2024Register Now
22 Nov 2024Register Now

Capability Framework 101

Price: $462 incl GST
Duration: 9.00am-12.30pm

Course Outline:
In 2017 the LGNSW Capability Framework was approved by the LGNSW board of directors. Since then, councils across the country have been using the framework as a guide to help with recruitment, leadership development, performance, workforce planning, retention, staff development, succession planning, onboarding of elected members and many other processes.

This workshop will explore the many benefits and approaches to adopting the Capability Framework. We will cover the development of the framework, a high-level overview of the framework and then deep dive into the capabilities and how to align it to all areas of the employee lifecycle.

The session is tailored to the group on the day and is interactive, using a range of tools and templates to get you started in the session.

Learn how other councils have rolled out the framework and get a head start on implementation by registering your interest today.

Who should attend:
HR, Learning and Development, Recruitment and senior staff responsible for, or involved in, the development and implementation of a Capability Framework.

Learning Outcomes

Ensure understanding of the capability framework

  • History of the framework and its importance to the sector
  • What are the capabilities and how are they classified?
  • Deep dive into one of the capabilities and the behaviour indicators

Understand the benefits of the capability framework

  •  The multiple applications of the framework
  • The benefits of the framework for the individual versus the organisation

Discover how the framework fits in with the employee lifecycle

  • How the capability framework aligns with the recruitment process
  • Developing position descriptions using the capability framework
  • How the capabilities relate to performance
  • Career succession and workforce planning designed around capabilities

A practical roadmap for the implementation of the Capability Framework

  • Gaining commitment from key stakeholders
  • Significance of having an effective project plan in place
  • Where to start and potential challenges to overcome 

A learning guide to Change Management

  • Develop a vision for change and gain strategic alignment across the workforce
  • Finding Change Champions as your vehicle for success
  • Effective communication of the new process and milestone reports

What to bring along:
Existing position descriptions from entry-level role, team leader, manager or director.