Business Excellence in Local Government

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Business Excellence in Local Government

This introductory course provides participants with a clear understanding of how Excellence Models are best leveraged to drive continuous improvement and delivery business sustainability.
Business excellence refers to the ability of an organisation to sustain superior performance into the future through the continuous improvement of outcomes delivered to its stakeholders.  

The course is designed for individuals and organisations that are seeking to understand how an Excellence Model can be beneficial.  To promote effective learning participants will be engaged over a period of four weeks through a learning portal that enables preparation, collaboration and sharing.  The facilitator led sessions will be delivered face to face or via a video conferencing interface.

During this workshop participants will learn about the history of Business Excellence, the global context, the fundamentals of the Australian Business Excellence Framework (the Framework), the key steps in an Excellence journey and about key benefits realised by organisations that adopted the guidance of the Framework.  

By the end of this learning program participants should be able to:

Explain the fundamental concepts of the Framework
Understand the value of Excellence Models
Articulate the key inhibitors to the success of an Excellence journey
Explain how an Excellence Model relates to other best practice methodologies
Determine whether the Framework would be beneficial to their own organisation

All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.