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Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness

This online e-Learning module provides an overview of alcohol and other drugs – what substances are relevant, what amounts (if any) are safe, what processes may be used by councils to test and measure, and what follow up action may be taken if use exceeds the threshold set under council policy.

The information is delivered in the context of ‘fitness for work’. It contains three topics of context which cover What is fitness for work? Are you fit for work? And What if you are unfit for work?

By completing this program, you will be able to:

  • Identify and define drugs
  • Explain how alcohol and drugs impact and affect the body
  • Understand how it can impair your ability to work safely
  • Recognise the Council’s multi-tiered approach to managing alcohol and other drugs
  • Identify your responsibilities relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs at work
  • Understand what the term “fit state for work” means
  • Explain how councils deal with policy breaches

The module is tailored to local government staff and will provide relevant local government examples derived from HR professionals, to help transfer the learning to the workplace.

This online individual self-paced module can be completed over 12 months.

Duration: 30 minutes plus a quiz


Discounts apply to 20 or more licences. Contact [email protected] to enquire.