Leo Kelly OAM Arts and Culture Award 2020 - Cultural Plans

Cultural Plans 

Division B (population 30,000-70,000)

Winner: Wagga Wagga City Council - Wagga Wagga City Council Cultural Plan 2020-2030

Judges' Comment
This is an ambitious plan based on wide community consultation and the enhancement of current council activities. The judges were also impressed with the integration of the plan with other council planning documents.

Highly Commended: Tamworth Regional Council - Tamworth Regional Museums Engagement Strategy 2019-2024

Division C (population over 70,000)

Winner: Coffs Harbour City Council - Library Museum Gallery Strategic Planning Project – A Catalyst for Culture

Judges' comment
The cultural planning has been put through a lengthy process since 2016 appears to have reached a critical mass of understanding in the community and the council itself. The consultation methods with discussion about outcomes or what is it they want to achieve, has shaped the plan. The online version allows the plan to evolve and not become a single published document.

Highly Commended: Northern Beaches Council - Connected Through Creativity 2029