Local government representation at the National Cabinet table


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The May decision to omit local government representation from the National Cabinet has sparked real concern right across Australia.

The drought, bushfires, floods and COVID-19 pandemic of recent months have all proved conclusively that local government – the closest level of government to the community – is critical in delivering local services and infrastructure at a grassroots level.

We need a seat at the table and a voice in discussions, not only to flag the impact of federal policies on local governments and communities, but to help shape our nation’s future.

The Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) brings together the leaders of all state and territory local government associations, and as a foundation member of COAG has worked constructively in that forum for many years to represent you on issues of national significance.

This is particularly important now that COAG meetings have been reduced to one per year, with the vast majority of decision-making referred to the National Cabinet.

LGNSW and the ALGA Board are advocating strongly for the inclusion of a local government representative in the National Cabinet: a representative whose first and foremost consideration is the impact of decisions on councils and the communities they represent. 

All three tiers of government must work together to drive a locally-led recovery right across Australia.

Please join with LGNSW, ALGA, and our interstate colleagues to ensure this message is heard as clearly and loudly  as possible.

Help ensure local government is recognised as a necessary and active partner in Australia's system of democratically elected, representative government by:

  • Passing a Council resolution to write to your local MP and Premier, highlighting the importance of a dedicated local government representative on National Cabinet;
  • Meeting with your local Federal and State MPs to discuss the importance of local government involvement in National Cabinet;
  • Highlight local instances where national policy and programs failed to deliver because they did not take account of local circumstances or involve a partnership with local government; 
  • Follow up your meeting with a letter reinforcing the key messages that you want to get across;
  • Talk to the local media in support of the Council resolution; and

Share the outcomes of your advocacy with ALGA and LGNSW.